About Us

SeniorGeeks is here to help the more senior members of our community to de-mystify and simplify their Home Technology . We can setup, configure and teach you all about your technology, and take away the frustration and stress .

You can be 100% assured ,we are completely independent of any technology suppliers or stores that sell technology. We see it as our mission to empower senior members of our community to use the technology they possess efficiently and safely, while at the same time learning to have FUN with it !

Owned and operated by Russ and Lynda Olsen, SeniorGeeks brings to you a wealth of experience in the technology sector, stretching back almost 40 years.

We’ve had successful careers in the technology sector, having owned retail computers stores, technology repair and service companies, software development companies, and since 2006 have been very actively involved in the cybersecurity industry in both New Zealand and Australia.

Until his move to the beautiful Bay of Plenty , Russ was a senior executive for one of the most respected Cyber Security companies in both New Zealand and Australia. This has provided him with unparalleled experience in keeping computer users safe online and allowed him to remain at the cutting edge of technology advances in all manner of electronics  (now known as IoT , or ‘the Internet of Things’).

Lynda has an extensive background in mobile device sales and support and she’s the ‘goto’ person here at SeniorGeeks when it comes to mobile phones and tablets.

As we all know, every day brings new products to consumers with technology now squarely embedded in most households in many ways. While this can provide some exciting features,  it can also present a whole new set of problems especially for those unfamiliar with the latest technology they contain .

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep abreast of technology. In addition it takes a great deal of technical experience to ensure these devices are being used efficiently and safely online. This is where SeniorGeeks can help you.

We can come to your home and if necessary ,set up your new purchase. We can then  train you to use the product and get the most out of it, while also teaching you the best practices to stay safe online.

Best of all we are always available our customers to answer any questions and to ensure that you are getting the best value for money from your technology purchase. We don’t use overseas help-desks. All calls are local and handled by a real person right here in Papamoa.

To contact us by phone or secure message, simply click HERE for details.

We’re always happy to chat with our customers and offer our expert advice, obligation-free.